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Congratulations! You have an excellent relationship between the techies in your organisation and your non-technical staff. There is trust and appreciation. Whether you are using waterfall, agile or continuous delivery it is working well for you. However, there are always ways to improve. With your good internal relationships you should make sure that everyone is contributing ideas and expertise to the future direction of your business, if you haven't already you might want to consider a cloud native approach like continuous delivery that might increase your feature velocity. That can be relatively straightforward to try out in a high trust environment such as you clearly enjoy.

You don't have an amazing relationship with your non-technical colleagues but neither do you have a completely terribly one! Nonetheless now might be good time to review your processes and systems and try to get ahead of any issues. Where is your business going? Are you wanting to move more quickly, support greater scale or cut hosting costs? Has that changed? Do your current processes support where your business aspires to be? Right now you've got breathing space, take advantage of it to see if you could get benefit from the new tech services and open source projects that are now available.

Oh dear! Things are not going well in your tech org at the moment. You really have only one choice (other than walk away!) which is to look at different approaches you could take to managing projects. It's worth stepping back. It may be that the priorities of the business have changed. For example, they may have wanted big, multi-year projects like ERP n the past, which required a highly planned waterfall-style approach, but now want more small quick wins that could better be provided by agile or continuous delivery. Or your monolith may have reached the age where it has become hard to change and your feature velocity has slowed to a crawl. There are distributed design models that can help you make your monolith work harder for you with minimal code changes that are worth investigating.